Arrow by God is an original art piece by Ezzat.

Welcome to the unique, passionate and remarkable art work of Dr. Ezzat Abouleish, M.D.  He has an incredible and non-stereotypical artistic upbringing that I would like to share with you today.  Once you know a bit more, it is difficult to believe his magnificent artwork only began full-time at the ripe age of 70 years old.

Dr. Ezzat Abouleish is a Professor Emeritus of Anesthesiology at the University of Texas-Houston.  In 1968, he emigrated from Egypt to the United States.  He has been doing Art work all his life, the last 13 years on a full-time basis.  He is a member of the American Society of Artists and has won many art awards in Classical Fine Art and Islamic Art.

Lioness Acrylic Painting on Wood by Ezzat

Large ‘Lioness’ acrylic painting on wood by Ezzat Abouleish. Size: 40×20

His artwork extends beyond canvas.  He has painted porcelain, created paintings on wood and has many books published exhibiting his art pieces from various collections produced into one collective package.

Throughout this website, otherwise coined by me as the realm of Ezzat’s art, I welcome you to become fully immersed into his world.  It consists of numerous artwork, colors, shapes and mediums.  I encourage you to read more about him and discover what makes this artist so unique compared to the rest.


Ezzat Abouleish as himself.

If you would like Ezzat to create a special piece for you or a loved one, please contact him at 281-488-1388, email at ezzat_art@hotmail.com or via Facebook.  He has a studio in Clear Lake City located in Houston, Texas with 1000s of pieces.  They are a wide array of sizes and types including oil paintings, acrylic creations, Islamic calligraphy, nature and landscapes, portraits, Arabic art and more.  Call him today to make an appointment to see what the artist and his work is all about.




-Written by Reda Abouleish Lyle



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