Arabic Calligraphy

bacara-sura-arabic-calligraphy-islamic-art.jpgWhy Arabic Calligraphy?

“I love the beauty, shape, design, color and flow of Arabic calligraphy.  It carries this universal language that transcends through time and cultures bringing everyone together regardless of one’s origin.  It is beautiful and you see something different in each work with each glance.”

-Ezzat Abouleish, M.D.

 What is Arabic Art?

Arabic Art emphasizes the beauty and power of the written word.  It translates the meaning behind each word with intricate lines, vibrant colors and curvaceous forms.  It leaves out any physical representation of anything human and/or animal form.  This purposely puts the audience into a space where they build a relationship with the text emotionally and intellectually without forcing them to identify it to something physically present.

Arabic Art can take the form of a name, word, hymn, prayer, life slogan, whatever it is you wish.  You may purchase an original art piece for your own collection or as a gift.  To find out more contact Ezzat Abouleish today.







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