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Welcome to the Realm of Ezzat Abouleish


A Day in the Life of a Pharaoh, Mixed Media, Special Paper

This website is more than a way to reach the masses and introduce to you artwork produced by Ezzat Abouleish.  This artist is different.  Haven’t we heard this too many times to count before?  Yes, but in this case there is a virtual, gigantic, neon, blinking arrow aiming directly at his Houston studio clearly indicating to anyone that comes into his vicinity that seeing his artwork and meeting the artist is a life changing experience.

Ezzat didn’t start creating and producing artwork full-time until he was seventy years old. This is shocking enough for most people to discover but what distinguishes him as an artist and his work from the rest is his true love for each piece he makes.

Each piece has a greater meaning than the visual aspect.  It is a piece of him.  Each artwork is a thought and/or moment in his life.  A time when he crossed paths with a great decision to make or a time when he was at such a natural, peaceful high from watching the nature around him he had to replicate his observations into artwork.

It is a beautiful and hard moment to watch him depart with his art.  He doesn’t want to.  I know this is not a great selling point to a person who wishes to capture his beautiful pieces and place them into his/her own home.  But it is important to him for you to know he creates each piece with such love and care.  He wants to share these incredible thoughts and moments from his life with the world.  And I welcome you to join us on this journey.

For more information call Ezzat Abouleish at 281-488-1388.