Islamic Art

The Origins of Islamic Art


Islamic Art Show 2012 by Ezzat Abouleish, M.D.

Islamic Art rose from the regions of the world where Islam reigned and embraced the Muslim way of life.  The design and style of artwork flourished throughout Spain, Persia and Africa as it grew in popularity.  Each culture would infuse their own take on the beautiful, intertwining lines and curves; the work is seen in dazzling and radiant colors.  The visual image of the artwork varies depending on the culture.  It was/is their own interpretation while keeping the meaning of the words, the exact same words, intact.

Why Islamic Art?

Islamic Art is where Ezzat Abouleish’s heart lies.  He believes this art resonates a universal language providing the world with a true image of Islam rather than the negative images portrayed in the media today.  By viewing his artwork one can grasp a clearer, deeper understanding of Islam that transcends cultures and provides an united spirituality amongst all.


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