Awards and Art Memberships

Ezzat Abouleish is a Member of the National Society of Artists

Ezzat is a member of the National Society of Artists and has entered numerous art competitions for various organizations. In the United States, he has exhibited in different places and won many awards in both Classical Fine and Islamic Arts.  In 2006, he was one of the main artists on the project Painting for Peace.  This was displayed at Rice University, Gandhi Center in Houston, and the University of Houston Main Campus.  Some other locations of his art exhibits include the Freeman Library of Harris County, College of the Mainland, University of Texas at Galveston (UTMB), and the Art Hall in the Galveston Islamic Center.


Ezzat Abouleish in the midst of creating his part of a mural for a Rice University collaboration entitled, “Painting for Peace.”

What Constitutes Someone as an Artist?

Creativity flows within many people and comes out in various forms.  Some artists are the traditional, stereotypical definition of artists.  You imagine them standing before a canvas painting for hours with a palette of paint in one hand, a brush in the other while sporting a beret.


Monsieur Ezzat, the artist also displays his sense of humor. He had to dress the part.

But the reality is there are artists all around us preferring to express their artistic needs through a wide array of mediums and fields including interior design, restaurant and hospitality, photography, graffiti, marketing, branding, the fashion industry, film and more. The list is truly endless.  Artists come from all walks of life and that is what makes it exclusive from other career paths.  Not all artists start their lives as artists but the ones who follow their true love for this unique gift end up with the job title “Artist” identifying themselves as one. And this is where the story of Ezzat Abouleish aligns with countless others that came before him.  He was a physician that had a love for art.  He expressed it using other means.  He wrote articles, stories, poems, and drew sketches until the day he could pursue this, what his family refers to as a borderline obsession, full-time.

Today Ezzat utilizes all of these mediums without a preference for one over the other.  He writes, paints, sketches, and exhibits all of these diverse mediums during his art shows.  The accolades he has received are for an extensive range of works including photography and Fine Art paintings.

Below is a brief outline of some of his awards.

  • National Society of Artists (NSA) April 2013: First Place for Photography
  • National Society of Artists (NSA) Spring Show 2009: Second Place with Painting “Hide and Seek”
  • National Society of Artists (NSA) Spring Show 2009: Honorable Mention “The Baskets at the Market”

For specific pieces please contact Ezzat Abouleish directly at


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