Islamic-Art-Arabic-Calligraphy-Paintings-Ezzat-Abouleish-Islam-in-Eyes-of-an-ArtistWhy Create a Book Depicting Islam through Art?

Ezzat Abouleish has a life-time interest in Islam and the public perception towards it. This is where the idea for the book began. He has produced many paintings reflecting moments in Islam so he decided to publish his Islamic art collection and bring it to the public via this wonderful book. His idea was to bring people from all cultures and religions by sharing with them what Islam is truly about. His hope was to break down stereotypical walls and prejudice. This was a great fete and he does it marvelously.

Art can bring people from opposite sides of the political and religious spectrum. It has happened throughout time and Ezzat hopes by bringing this book public that the same results will be achieved here.

In his own words, “Islamic Art carries a deep message and is beautiful in color, design, and shape. Each page contains one painting and a paragraph describing it and the motive behind painting it. The paintings reflect on Islamic history, principles, beliefs, and particularly spirituality. They have been successfully exhibited many times in the United States. And this was my chance to contribute to the American exposure of Islamic Art.”

This book contains 110 original paintings with original descriptions and reflections from Ezzat.  It is truly a reflection of Islam through the eyes of Ezzat.  It is divided into chapters providing an easy read to anyone, no matter his/her religion.  For some, the book is categorized as Islamic Art but it contains much more.  Just with anything Ezzat creates, the book exhibits his passion through the pages in art and text.  All the images and thoughts are the author’s own.

Islam in Art 

Dr. Ezzat Abouleish is a retired anesthesiologist and artist, believes that “spirituality unites peoples of all faiths and brings peace to earth.” That is one of the reasons behind his book, Islam in the Eyes of An Artist. It contains 107 pages of his colorful paintings, chosen to reflect Islamic history, principles, beliefs and spirituality. Abouleish believes that the shape, design and color of Islamic art can often make the faith more accessible than words.

-From the Houston Chronicle



Islamic-Art-Arabic-Calligraphy-Paintings-Ezzat-Abouleish-Book-99-Names-GodAllah and the 99 Names of God

Allah and the 99 Names of God, a series of paintings by Ezzat I. Abouleish, M.D.

An inside scoop of what the book is about and how it came about from the words of Ezzat.

The Most beautiful names belong to Allah (the Arabic word for God). The ones revealed to us are 99.  Many of them describe great characters which God asks us to emulate.  Painting the attributes of God has had a great impact on me.  It is true they are so many, and it took a long time to paint especially using oil on canvas.  However, they are so magnificent in meaning and so beautiful in Arabic calligraphy.  It took me two years to finish this work (2005-2006) but it was a special spiritual journey which I needed after spending half a century in Anesthesiology.  I had so much pleasure in composing and great bliss in painting each one.  When I finished the series, I did not believe that I did that at my age of 76, a pathway only for great Islamic artists and monks. All I could utter was, “Thank you Lord. Please accept”.

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