Nature and Landscapes

What Do You Think of When You Hear the Words “Landscape Art?”

When I hear the words landscape art, I think of lush green land in the midst of the countryside, blossoming bluebonnets across the state of Texas, sweeping farm lands, oceans and seas across the globe, sail boats, majestic mountains, cacti flowers in the Arizona desert adding a splash of vibrant colors on an impressive backdrop.  This is just a taste of what you shall see when looking through original, landscape art by Ezzat Abouleish.


Acropolis is a painting by Ezzat Abouleish.

Some of his landscape art is strictly a picturesque backdrop with a hint of symbolism via a historical monument or cultural symbol.  This transports you into a different century or deeply submerges you into an exotic culture, all  without leaving your own, relaxing, inspiring personal space.  It is a magical experience to see and own one of his art works.

Ezzat can also recreate a trip you took that you wish to capture forever through art.  Just contact him today and find out what he currently has available or ask him to create something specifically for you.  His specialty is listening and producing what you wish into an invaluable art piece at an affordable cost.

Why Do Nature Paintings Move Us?


‘My Boss’ is a gorilla art sketch by Ezzat Abouleish.

Nature paintings keep the National Geographic world around us alive inside our own home and/or office.  For instance, in Ezzat’s art sketch showing a gorilla’s face the details of each facial muscle, lines and eye structure are superior; you feel the power of the animal surging through the image as if you are standing face-to-face.  This is why his paintings are a must-see in-person. It is moving to stand before one of these incredibly meticulous masterpieces that took weeks, months to create.  You feel the sentiments, strength and, sometimes, vulnerability of the art subject.

To find out more, contact Ezzat today!

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